Friday, 4 April 2014

The rabbits are rampant!!

Going back a bit again to strip number 2. Someday I'll get these up to date with what I'm drawing now. Apparently women can get a lot of pleasure from buying themselves a rabbit. Must be a bit of a pain when you have to keep cleaning out the hutch but you women are strange creatures! Funny how those duracel adverts on TV feature a rabbit! And he's always banging away at something. Naughty advertisers!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Stookie, the beginning

May as well upload the Stookie strips that I've already done from the beginning. There is a facebook page that John's sorted out (John writes the strip). We've all collected stuff. Remember standing in the playground staring at another kids bulge?  Er, bulging wad of panini football stickers hoping you could swap one of your 20 copies of some Birmingham City centre forward for a much rarer Kevin Keegan (yes, I'm that old, piss off!!!) The scene always unfolded in the same way : got, got, got, got, got, got, got, haven't got! What I did have was 20 copies of a Birmingham City centre forward that everyone had got and even Birmingham City couldn't get rid of him. In all my years of collecting football stickers I never completed a single sticker album, a trait that was passed onto my daughter. Never did she ever complete her Hercules sticker album, nor her Lion King, Hunchback Of Notre Dame... etc.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

A second Stookie strip

I love a cuppa, I does. I'm very partial to a nice biscuit to dunk in my cuppa.... er, make that a plate of biscuits.... er, make that a packet of biscuits. To be honest I dunk so many biscuits that when I get to actually drinking the tea, it's all be soaked up by the biscuits and I have to boil the kettle again. I've never used misogyny in a cartoon before, like I've never used, I'll do the dishes in a sentence.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Strip? Can I keep my boxers on?

No idea why I haven't posted this (or any of the others) here until now but this is a cartoon strip I do along with a stand up comic who lives in Edinburgh. A stookie is one of those plaster casts that go on the lower part of the arm. I don't think they're made of plaster these days but I'm only guessing as I don't often fall out of trees and break my arm. I'm a dogger not a peeping tom!!!!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Got more heir than his dad!

Ah, the question that was asked a lot on the radio this morning, where were you when you found out about the royal birth? Some people seemed to be doing something important or will remember where they were for many years to come. Me? I was watching the horse racing at Windsor on the At The Races channel on sky!!! They were very professional about it all things considered. The commentator, Matt Chapman I think, was prattling on about 3 winning favourites having obliged or some horse putting in a gallant effort in defeat when, with not much else to talk about, asked if anyone knew if the baby had been born yet? Thinking perhaps that they might have a reporter outside the hospital. (I'd love to think they had some reporters dressed as a jockey and a pantomime horse urging Kate on like a horse you've bet a few quid on!!!) Then they cut to the studio and someone announced that a boy had been born. So there you go, that's how I found out... a bit like Russell Brand announcing that as from this moment, we are now at war with Germany!!! Matt did then wonder if anyone was actually watching anymore or weather the whole country had gone baby crazy. I wouldn't desert you, not when I've 50p on the favourite in the next race, Matt!!!!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Reach for the starbucks

So another 70's celebrity is arrested for child sex abuses. Jimmy Tarbuck this time. Tarbuck was from a generation of comics who seemed to base their act on jokes that started, "I wouldn't say that my mother in law is fat, but... " Now I wouldn't say that Jimmy Tarbuck was funny... I wouldn't, really, I wouldn't! My favourite comedian of that era was always Dave Allan, absolute genius. At least no one can say anything bad about him now that he's passed on, but we never did find out where he lost that finger!!!

How black was my sabbath

I swear I'd posted this caricature ages ago but can't see any sign of it on here so may as well post it now. Tony Iommi is without question the master of the heavy guitar riff. I think most people know that he lost the ends of two of his fingers on his fretting hand so it's amazing that he's as good as he is. Apparently he glued the the tops of a couple of washing up liquid bottles onto his fingers so he could play. Bet Blue Peter never thought of that!! I did hear that porn star, Chad Thrust lost half of his old boy in a car door and he too used a washing up liquid bottle. It also came in handy when it was his turn to do the dishes... and press the button for the lift when he was carrying 2 bags of groceries.