Friday, 24 February 2012

Mine's a pint

This is one of the cartoons I'm drawing for an ongoing project. Basically they're to illustrate a safety manual and stress, in the above case, the dangers of entering an area contaminated with cyanide without the correct breathing equipment. Most people see a few spy films on TV or something about the last days of WWII and think that cyanide only comes in the form of capsules that the baddies bite onto... but noooooo! It's a very common substance, in small amounts. The mining industry does however use a large amount and the manual stresses the dangers.
Image used with kind permission of the author. I don't know to much about copy-write but if anyone uses this cartoon I'll stamp on your head and kill your dog. I'm pretty sure that's what copy-write infringement is!!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Taking the piss

I had a blind friend round for dinner once, nothing special, cheese on toast. I gave him the cheese grater and said I had to have a pee. Came back and he said it was the worst book he'd ever read! Guide dogs are clever. They know exactly where they're going. If your sat nav ever breaks down just grab the nearest guide dog and say, Manchester!! You'll b there before tea time... quicker if you let him drive!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Forget me not

I don't know about this elephants never forgetting idea. My best friend is an elephant and he's always late if we've arranged to meet up, keeps saying, "sorry I forgot it was today." He's even got a bit of string with a knot in it but he can't remember if it's his bit of string, the knot is his which makes me think it's his bit of string. He keeps all his receipts but doesn't have one for string although he does have a receipt for a length of rope. I suggested that if he bought it from a very tall person then to them it might be string!! Trouble is, he can't remember where the shop is so we're still none the wiser. He was on Mastermind once but passed on all his questions.