Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Got more heir than his dad!

Ah, the question that was asked a lot on the radio this morning, where were you when you found out about the royal birth? Some people seemed to be doing something important or will remember where they were for many years to come. Me? I was watching the horse racing at Windsor on the At The Races channel on sky!!! They were very professional about it all things considered. The commentator, Matt Chapman I think, was prattling on about 3 winning favourites having obliged or some horse putting in a gallant effort in defeat when, with not much else to talk about, asked if anyone knew if the baby had been born yet? Thinking perhaps that they might have a reporter outside the hospital. (I'd love to think they had some reporters dressed as a jockey and a pantomime horse urging Kate on like a horse you've bet a few quid on!!!) Then they cut to the studio and someone announced that a boy had been born. So there you go, that's how I found out... a bit like Russell Brand announcing that as from this moment, we are now at war with Germany!!! Matt did then wonder if anyone was actually watching anymore or weather the whole country had gone baby crazy. I wouldn't desert you, not when I've 50p on the favourite in the next race, Matt!!!!