Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry flippin' Christmas

Bah! Humbug to the lot of you. Sod off and die, you arse-wipes... Gee! Must be getting soft in me old age!!!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

X factor for martyrs

It's that that time of year when we finally get rid of this damn show. I used to watch it I admit but the last few years has seen it become one of the most watched/hated shows on TV. (and shit) The thing that's really wound me up this year is the "wild card" gimmick. I watch sports. I know what a wild card is. In American football best placed runners up play each other to progress. But this version saw the judges pick 3 people from each group THEN come up with the wild card idea and, ooooh, wow, they get to pick another contestant they had previously turned down. WHY NOT PICK FOUR CONTESTANTS TO START WITH?? It's like saying, you can chose between a mars bar, a snickers or a flake. "I'll have the flake, thanks". And as a wild card you can choose another one. Special, eh? "No! why didn't you say I could chose 2 chocolate bars to start with?" Because then it wouldn't have been a wild card!! See what I mean? Pointless and calculated.