Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bonkers Boris

Determined as I am to get back into putting stuff on this blog, I've done this cartoon strip to get the ball rolling. It was drawn as a side project for a client I've illustrated a book for. To quote Rowan Keating, you say it best when you say nothing at all... no wait, that doesn't work. You say it best when you say it!!! The following is a quote from Professor Bo Beolens OBE, KFC, MUFC, expert on all things birdlike --

The 'Why Not Manston' campaign is virtually unique being the opposite of Nimbyism. A group of people in Thanet want to see their local airport used as another 'London' airport as it already has the longest runway in the country, all the necessary infrastructure, plenty of space within its perimeter to expand services and most of the necessary feeder transport infrastructure. The one improvement necessary would be a spur line a few miles long to the fast rail to London. It would have negligible environmental impact compared to all the other proposals to meet London's air transport needs.

I believe, however, that a hedgehog lives nearby and has gone to the European Court of Human Rights. Bloody red tape!!! Come on Boris, if you so much as expand Heathrow by a foot you'll be inside someone's back garden!!! You're not much of a thinker and there's a solution right in front of you!!!